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The Challenge

Raising funds to support and maintain a Team with items such as Jerseys, Hats, Gloves, Shoes and other apparel can be very cost heavy when left only to the parents or school.  An Average baseball glove can range from $39.00 up to and over $100.00. That’s just the glove folks, there is a lot of other items associated with baseball to keep our kids safe. How can Egg Fund Raising, LLC help? We can help by providing you with the tools and skills to successfully raise your funds. A Team Page like this can boost your Fund Raiser with up to 50% better results!. 

The Solution

Egg fundraising, LLC has created a unique a program to help sponsor such Teams like this with the power of protein! Raising funds for your team can be done by selling people a quality product that helps sponsor your teams, Church, school and other programs in our community.  We provide you with the marketing tools to help accomplish this task. We build your team page here on our site to help keep things simple for you. You can show the people you’re selling the eggs to your own page. And they can check out right on the website using a tablet, smart phone or computer. 

Hit a Home Run with your Fund Raiser. Win the Game with Egg Fundraising, LLC


Funds Raised

Goal Set for cases

Cases Sold



View your goals and sales right on your very own page.

Mobile Site Boosted Funds By 50%

Easy Check out from Mobile

Our Easy to use check out system can make your sell happen with the click of a button.!

Rebuilt From the Inside Out

We have contructed our checkout system to be as easy as possible.

Raise your funds and promote your team with Egg Fundraising, LLC.

  • Funds Raised 100% 100%
  • Goals Set For Cases 50% 50%
  • Cases Sold 100% 100%


We were able to raise all the funds and much more by using this simple system. We raised more than our initial goal with Egg Fundraisings easy to use online purchase system.

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