Get Your Very Own Non-Profit Page!

The Challenge

Raising funds to support a Church, Non-Profit, Organization, School, Team, or Band is always a work in progress and a huge CHALLENGE. Parents, teachers, students are being asked if not forced to help raise monies year around to help address the budgets. They are asked to call on friends, relatives and businesses in the area to help raise the monies needed. Many of the items they are asked to sell are not what someone eats or uses every day.

The Solution

Egg Fundraising, LLC has created a unique a program to help meet part of the budget needs for almost everyone needing to raise funds. You can raise as little as $500.00 to well over $25,000.00 with our simple but powerful solution. Eggs are filled with protein and most people eat eggs every week, if not every day. Egg Fundraising has small cases of Hickman’s Farm Fresh Large AA Eggs that can be sold to almost everyone and can help raise funds year around with The Egg Club or having a simple but powerful 48 hour Egg-Sell- A-Thon.

Our Mission & Vision

Egg Fundraising provides everyone involved with the sales and marketing tools to help accomplish this task. We build your page here on our site to help keep things simple for you. You can show the people you’re selling the eggs to your own page and they can purchase and check out right on the website using a tablet, smart phone or computer.


Funds Raised

Goal Set for cases

Cases Sold