Horizon Middle School


The Challenge

Raising funds to support a Church, Non-Profit, Organization, School, Team, or Band is always a work in progress and a huge CHALLENGE. Parents, teachers, students are being asked if not forced to help raise monies year around to help address the budgets. They are asked to call on friends, relatives and businesses in the area to help raise the monies needed. Many of the items they are asked to sell are not what someone eats or uses every day.

We have the solution and Horizon Middle School is up to the challenge.


The Solution

  • Egg Fundraising, LLC has created a unique program.
  •  Customers can order eggs online from a PC/Laptop or any mobile device connected to the internet.
  • The Egg Fundraising Truck will deliver the Eggs.
    Any time you purchase Eggs from Egg Fundraising, LLC, part of the proceeds benefit Horizon Middle School. Eggs will be delivered within 7 days of order. Don’t forget to write in the students name and or school name. 
  • If a student or customer cannot pick up the eggs on the pre-scheduled delivery time Egg Fundraising will make special arrangements.
  • Email Barney @ [email protected] or call him at 720-475-0330 – or 303-991-6192.
  • Any questions about your order or any other help needed you may also use our 24/7 support chat located at the bottom right of any page on our website. 

Egg Purchases can be made right from your mobile.

Easy Check out from Mobile

Our Easy to use check out system can make your sell happen with the click of a button.!

Rebuilt From the Inside Out

We have contructed our checkout system to be as easy as possible.

Raise your funds and promote your team with Egg Fundraising, LLC.

Interested In Fundraising With Us?

Due to Covid-19, we're currently having to re-work our business model and make some adjustments to adapt.