Food Bank of The Rockies


Every dollar raised feeds four people.
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Hunger can be found everywhere – often where you least expect it. The homeless population represents only about 10% of our food recipients. The rest? Everyday people like low-wage workers, children, seniors on fixed incomes and individuals with health issues.

Foor bank of the rockies

1 in 7 Coloradans worry where their next meal will come from. These are people you meet every day- those with low wage jobs, children, seniors on fixed incomes, those with health issues. Surprisingly, the homeless represent only 10% of our food recipients. Nearly half of the food we distribute feeds children.

Who is FBR?

FBR has a staff of 112 employees at warehouses in Denver, Wyoming and the Western Slope. Additionally FBR has a pool of more than 23,000 volunteers, who last year donated more than 136,000 hours of time – the equivalent of 65 full-time employees! Visit their website today and learn more about Food Bank of The Rockies and see how you can help them.

More about FBR

Less than 4 cents of every dollar for administration. 96 cents of every dollar contributed goes towards food distribution. And every dollar we receive provides four meals for our hungry neighbors. Learn more about helping FBR by visiting their website today. You can vist their site by following the link underlined below.