Team Colorado – Cardinals


Fundraiser Kicks off March 17th



Purchase Eggs from the link above. Use The Name “Team Colorado Cardinals In the check out box all eggs purchased under that name benefit Team Colorado Cardinals.. 

The Challenge

Raising funds to support and maintain a Team with items such as Jerseys, Hats, Gloves, Shoes and other apparel can be a challenge when left only to the parents or school.  An Average baseball glove can range from $39.00 up to and over $100.00. That’s just the glove folks, there is a lot of other items associated with baseball to keep our kids safe. Team Colorado – Cardinals also know that there are many kids and adults with a disability here in Colorado and are going to donate a portion of all of the money they raise to Easter Seals Colorado.



The Solution

Egg fundraising, LLC has created a unique a program to help sponsor and support Teams like this with the power of protein by selling cases of Hickman’s Family Farms Farm Fresh Large AA USDA Inspected Eggs!  Each case contains 6 dozen eggs that you can use yourself or share with others. Businesses in Colorado can help by sharing the eggs with their employees and those in need. Team Colorado – Cardinals have teamed up with Egg Fundraising and Easter Seals Colorado to raise funds for their team and also raise funds for people with disabilities here in Colorado.  The Cardinals are a 14 and under baseball team with players from SE Aurora, the greater Parker area and Highlands Ranch.  The eggs can be purchased online and delivery will be arranged. by the Cardinals or Egg Fundraising.

Hit a Home Run with Team Colorado Cardinals. Win the Game with Egg Fundraising, LLC

How To: Purchase:

Easy Check out from Mobile

To purchase Eggs, go to the “Order Online” at the top of any page>Add as many cases of Farm Fresh Eggs To your cart. Type “Team Colorado Cardinals” and finish your checkout.

Rebuilt From the Inside Out

We have contructed our checkout system to be as easy as possible.

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