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The years most anticipated fundraiser kicked off March 17th as Egg Fundraising, LLC Teamed up with EKS&H. Proceeds Benefited Easterseals Co & Food Bank of The Rockies. Click Here to view more about this fundraiser. 

Egg Fundraising, LLC was a Sponsor of the 2017 Colorado PTA Convention


What We Do

At Egg Fundraising we provide an essential service to people all over the United States. We help Schools, Churches, Teams, Bands, Non-Profits, Individuals and Organizations raise money with the incredible egg.  It is simple, profitable and gives people an excellent source of protein at the same time.

Who Benefits?

The profits raised from egg sales goes directly to the individual, school, church or organization. There are no hidden fees involved and we provide all of the brochures, website, training and forms needed to make your fundraiser a success.

About The Eggs

The type of eggs your fundraiser will have:

We provide Hickman’s Farm Fresh Eggs.  Each case of Hickman’s Farm Fresh Eggs  will contain 6 individual one dozen cartons of eggs.


Our Easy Process

Our process is very simple and very powerful to raise the much needed revenue for your program.  Fill out our easy to use application or download the printable version and get started today!


We Believe Eggs Are Some Of The Healthiest Food on The Planet!


The Eggs We Supply Are Proudly Provided By:



Partner with Egg Fundraising, LLC. And Experience the Difference!

Raise your revenue fast and easy and Help those in need!

We Deliver the eggs directly to the business and or organization raising the money. We provide the cooling containers to ensure your eggs stay fresh throughout the process.
Essential nutrients within the egg can support a healthy pregnancy, growth and development of children, and muscle mass and function during aging.
One egg has varying amounts of 13 essential vitamins and minerals plus 6 grams of high-quality protein.
The high-quality protein in eggs can reduce hunger and facilitate weight loss as well as help with weight maintenance.



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Free dozen Hickman’s Farm Fresh Eggs to every student, team member or employee that participates in an EGGFUNDRAISER EVENT managed by Egg Fundraising, LLC.

Behold the Power of Eggs!

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No Upfront Costs – High Return to Your Organization
Call 720-475- 0330 or complete our contact form to Raise as little as $500.00 to over $50,000.00 dollars for your team, group or charity.